About Us

Incorporated in 1983, Wintip Employment Services Ltd. is one of the pioneers of the industry. With over 30 years of specialized industry knowledge and expertise, our dedicated team of employment experts work closely with clients to select and match the ideal maid to their specific needs.

As our clients, we offer you the highest quality services where our stringent business process and extensive experience in maid evaluation, selection, skills verification/testing and training assure delivery of the highest caliber maids in a speedy manner.


Wintip offers a one-stop solution to solve all your individual domestic needs. Our experts provide tailor-made service all the way through from date of hiring of your maid to completion and renewal of each and every contract. With a capable and reliable maid taking care of you and your family, you can focus on your business and other priorities in life

Last but not least, our ultimate business goal is to place the best quality maids and maintain our uncompromising commitment to service excellence and integrity to all our clients. Our professional experts are just a phone call away to answer all your domestic concerns. Call us today and you will immediately experience the difference with our VIP treatment!