Basic Knowledge

For employment of foreign domestic Helpers, the following Labour laws should be complied with:

  • The minimum salary of HK$4,310.00 per month should be paid to the helper.

  • The Employment Contract is for a period of 2 years. The Employer is responsible for the helper's food and accommodation, medical and worker's compensation insurance.

  • The helper is entitled to 7 days of annual leave per year and 12 statutory holidays after completing 3 months of service with her/his employer.

  • Upon termination of contract, the party initiating the termination should give the other party one month's written notice or one month's extra salary in lieu of notice. Upon completion or termination of contract by either the employer or the helper, the employer is responsible for the helper's return air-ticket to her/his country of origin.

  • The helper should work and reside only in the employer's residence as stated in the Employment Contract.

  • The helper should only perform domestic duties for the employer specified in the contract and should not take up any other employment, including part-time domestic duties with any other person.

Documents required for application for foreign domestic helpers:

  • A copy of the employer's Hong Kong Identity Card.

  • Proof of the employer's residential address e.g. latest demand for Rate Note or water/telephone/electricity bills within the last 3 months.
    Evidence showing that the employer is financially capable of employing a helper such as:
    1. Latest notice of assessment & demand for tax issued by the Inland Revenue Dept.; or
    2. Bank passbook/statement showing auto-payment of the monthly salary for the months; or
    3. Salary statements/slips issued by the employer's company for the last 3 months in the amount of HK $15,000/month ~ HK$150,000/year ; or
    4. Fixed deposits/bank savings statements showing deposits of HK$350,000 or above for the last 3 months