• Professional screening, recruiting and training of maids before arrival in Hong Kong.

  • Medical check-ups for maids before arrival in Hong Kong.
    Consulate and Immigration procedures & visa issuance.

  • Courier and long distance calls and faxes/e-mails to overseas counterparts in connection with the processing of documents.

  • One-way air-ticket from maids' countries of origin to Hong Kong.

  • Application for maids' Hong Kong ID Card and reporting to the respective Consulates.

  • Arrangements for Insurance Package (at lowest annual premium) on maids' arrival in Hong Kong.

  • 6 months' replacement guarantee - replacement maid to be selected from overseas with additional 50% chargefor the total fee for a new helper only for maids from the same country of origin as client's existing maid.

  • Follow-up service to clients/maid counseling throughout the entire contract period and future renewals of contracts.

  • Direct Hires - we process visa applications for maids sourced directly by employers.

  • Renewals and Transfers of local maids.